ciff 2019 nominations

1.  Best Picture 

 Miracle In East Texas   

The Favorite   


Gun And A Hotel Bible  

 Runnin' From My Roots  

 Root Of The Problem   

Mother Cabrini   

Heavenly Deposit   

2. Best Documentary  

Tortured For Christ  

 Is There More?   

My Shining Hour   

The Field Afar - The Life Of Fr. Vincent Capodanno  

 Pray: The Story Of Patrick Peyton

3. Best Short Film 

 I'm Jacinth - Love After  

 A New Sound In Israel   

Three Feathers   

Dinosaur Heart   


The Devil Goes Down    

Shoot For The Moon   


One To One   

Turning Point  

 My First Funeral
The Encounter

4. Best Family Film  

Team Marco   

Max Winslow And The House Of Secrets

 Sent Forth   

Freshman Year    

Animal Security

5. Best Screenplay

The Find 

Number 28 

Prophets & Kings EP 01 - 02
The Christmas Light
Dumbest   Generation
Button Willow – The Traveler
Glass Angel
Changing   Score

6. Best Music Video 

How Great Thou Art   

Voice Surrounding The City   

Girls Like Me 

Safe And Warm
God With Me    

7. Best New Media 

Sea Kids   

Mentoring Men For Mission  

 Erin, Owen & The Loch Ness Monster   

My Day: The Love Project  

 That Kids Show

8.   Best Director

Chuck Konzelman, Cary Solomon - Unplanned
Jim Ball – Order Of Rights
Sean Olson- Max Winslow and the House Of Secrets
Rick Irvin - Heavenly Deposit
Kevin Sorbo - Miracle  In East Texas
Curtis Graham – The Favorite

9. Best Lead Actor
Emil Mandanac – Tortured For Christ
Luke Bernard – The Favorite
Kevin Sorbo – Miracle In East Texas
Sergio Di zio – Root Of The Problem
George Vincent – Heavenly Deposit

10. Best Lead  Actress
Ashley Bratcher – Unplanned
Emma Elle Roberts – Order Of Rights
Cristina Odasso – Mother Cabrini
Sydne Mikelle –Max Winslow and the House Of Secrets
Janelle Arthur – Runnin’ From My Roots

11. Best Supporting   Actor
Mathew Fahey – The Favorite
Tanner Buchanan – Max Winslow and the House Of   Secrets
John Ratzenberger – Miracle In East Texas
Barry Van Dyke – Heavenly Deposit
Aaron O’Connell –Runnin’ From My Roots

12. Best Supporting Actress 

Shannen Fields – The Order Of Rights
Sam Sorbo – Miracle In East Texas
Mollee Gray – The Favorite
Anna Vartanyan – The Oath
Robia  Scott - Unplanned
Raluca Botez – Tortured For Christ
Anastasia Ganias – Team Marco

13. Faith Achievement Award Chuck Konzelman, Cary Solomon

14.  Lifetime Achievement Award  Graham Greene

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