*Indicates films being screened


Best Picture

*Miracle In East Texas

*The Favorite


Gun And A Hotel Bible

The Oath

Root Of The Problem

Mother Cabrini

Heavenly Deposit 

The Order Of Rights


Best Documentary

*Tortured For Christ

Is There More?

My Shining Hour

The Field Afar:The Life Of Fr. Vincent Capodanno

Pray: The Story Of 

Patrick Peyton Emanuel


Best Short Film

*I'm Jacinth: Love After

*A New Sound In Israel

*Three Feathers

*Dinosaur Heart


*The Devil Goes Down

*Shoot For The Moon


*One To One

*Turning Point

*My First Funeral 

*From Darkness To Light

*From Darkness To Hope 

*Church In A Bar 

*The Encounter


Best Family Film

Team Marco

*Max Winslow And The House Of Secrets


*Sent Forth

Gods Living Treasures 

Animal Security


Best Music Video

*How Great Thou Art

*Voice Surrounding The City

*Girls Like Me

*Safe And Warm *God With Me 


Best New Media

*Sea Kids

Mentoring Men For Mission

*Erin, Owen & The Loch Ness Monster

My Day: The Love Project

That Kids Show


Best Screenplay

The Find 

Number 28 

Prophets & Kings (EP 01 - 02)

The Christmas Light

Dumbest Generation 

Button Willow – The Traveler

Glass Angel

Changing Score