A message from Executive Director Jason Barbeck.

Friends in these uncertain times we must not let fear take over our lives.  We MUST stick together in agreement until we overcome this virus which we definitely will.  Just remember that FEAR stands for False Evidence Appearing Real. We will forge on.  This too shall pass. God bless you.

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Congratulations to the CIFF 2019 WINNERS!

1.  Best Picture

2. Best Documentary
Tortured For Christ  


3. Best Short Film
Three Feathers 

4. Best Family Film  

Max Winslow And The House 

Of Secrets  

5. Best Screenplay
Prophets & Kings EP 01 - 02 

-Christopher M. Bessette

6. Best Music Video
How Great Thou Art

-Steph Carse and Melody Joy.

7. Best New Media
Erin, Owen & The Loch Ness Monster   

8. Best Director
Curtis Graham – The Favorite   


  9. Best Lead Actor 

Kevin Sorbo - Miracle In East Texas 

  10. Best Lead  Actress 

  Ashley Bratcher – Unplanned   

 11. Best Supporting  Actor 

Mathew Fahey - The Favorite 

  12. Best Supporting Actress
Sam Sorbo  – Miracle In East Texas 

 13. Faith Achievement Award 

Chuck Konzelman and Cary Solomon e

 14.  Lifetime Achievement Award  

Graham Greene

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Attention schools, churches, youth leaders and meet-up groups.  Bring everyone out for a day of movies, industry panels, mixers and award show.

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Volunteers are welcome and will receive a festival pass for the day.


MOVIE INDUSTRY PANEL, 01:30:00, Cinema 1  2PM

What, where and why are we watching faith movies? Join us on Sunday September 15th @ 2PM as we explore the world of faith films through the eyes of film industry professionals. Open Q&A with audience and panel.

lifetime achievement award


The CIFF 2019 Lifetime Achievement Award

Congratulations to GRAHAM GREENE who will be accepting the 3rd annual CIFF Lifetime Achievement Award.

Mr. Greene is an Academy Award ® nominee for Dances With Wolves and is the recipient of the prestigious Order Of Canada.  He  will receive the Lifetime Achievement Award on Sunday September 15th, at 8pm at the new five star Hotel X.  

Faith achievement award


The CIFF 2019 Faith Achievement Award

CIFF is honored to present this year's Faith Achievement Award to the powerhouse writer/director duo Cary Solomon and Chuck Konzelman. They are best know for God's Not Dead 1 & 2.

Watch their acceptance speech below.

Cary solomon & Chuck konzelman

Faith Achievement Award CIFF 2019

Jason and Rafael discuss CIFF, plus you will hear comments from attendees who attended the previous 2 years.

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