About CIFF

About CIFF


 The Canadian International Faith & Family Film Festival (CIFF) is a division of A.C.T. Canada (Artists in Christian Testimony) which is a charitable not-for profit organization.  

Our mission is to showcase, promote, and encourage awareness, appreciation and understanding of faith, family and independent films. At CIFF we will exhibit and celebrate the most outstanding faith and family content produced in every part of the world. Films are selected on the basis of content, quality and originality.

The Canadian International Faith & Family Film Festival is one of the fastest growing segments of the international film festival markets, and the only one of its kind in Canada. Film lovers, industry professionals and media outlets will watch the best in new faith & family cinema from established and emerging filmmakers and talent. 

In our 3rd year as a Film Festival, we are well on our way to being an international leader in the faith-based film & music culture. If you are hearing about CIFF for the first time, take a look at CIFF 2018's content.


The festival runs September  19, 2019, at the world-class five star Hotel X Resort Hotel in Toronto which features two state of the art cinemas. The festival is taking place at the end of TIFF (The Toronto International Film Festival) making this an ideal time for networking within the film industry, across genres.

Sign up for our newsletter to stay updated as the 2020 program develops. Film submissions close on August 1 and the complete lineup of films will be released by August 15, 2020. Better still, commit to attending the full festival and secure your tickets NOW

Festival Objectives



  • Encourage film makers to increasingly produce top quality faith and family films, and have their films celebrated, promoted and distributed to their target market.
  • The Festival will provide excellent resources and networking opportunities for film‐industry professionals and like minded artists, as well as an opportunity to cross promote.
  • Canadian and International filmmakers and audiences will gain unforgettable insight into the workings of the faith and family film marketplace as they are privy to unprecedented levels of access to one another.
  • Strong emphasis on nurturing the next generation of filmmakers, exposing their projects to our mentoring program.  [link to info about the mentoring program]
  • Provide a showcase for the public to view and celebrate top quality faith and family films, while interacting with industry professionals. Take a look at the lineup of films and awards from CIFF 2018

How Can YOU Be Involved?



Filmmakers: Submit your films and projects as soon as possible.  August 1st is the absolute latest date for submissions, but get them in NOW!  Our dedicated panel of professional programmers look forward to viewing your submitted films. [Submit]

Youth 25 and under - participate in the Youth Initiative Public Service Announcement sponsored by The Canadian Bible Society. View the submission rules and get started with whatever equipment you have, whether a smart phone, or equipment much more sophisticated.  Make this a solo project or involve your friends or youth group.

Film enthusiasts and movie goers: Plan to attend the festival and get your tickets now. You can attend the entire festival including the pre-award show dinner, or purchase individual tickets. [Buy Tickets]

Volunteer: As a charitable organization, CIFF simply couldn't offer such a broad range of initiatives without the passion, skill and commitment of our volunteers. For volunteer opportunities contact: ciff.festival@gmail.com

Partner with CIFF as a donor or festival sponsor. As a division of ACT, a registered charity, donations can be made  online through a Canadian or a U.S. link, and will be receipted.  

To discuss festival sponsorship opportunities, please contact ciff.festival@gmail.com

The staff and volunteers encourage you to join us as we grow to be a beacon of light for our film industry. See you at CIFF 2020!